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4 Easy Ways to Update your Bathroom

April 07, 2014

At Craftsmen, we can do a major bathroom remodel which will completely overhaul the entire room. But you may want to plan your bathroom remodel so you can do a few easy things right now and do more extensive updating down the road. The key is to do things that will create dramatic impact, but not interfere with your later remodeling. Feel free to call Craftsmen for advice. In the meantime, here are a few suggestions.

Change your Color Palette

For a quick bathroom remodel, we find that changing the wall color can have an immediate impact. You need to be careful with your color palette, though. Newer palettes are trending towards whites, grays and charcoal greens with a pop of accent color. Overall, neutrals help enlarge a space, while your accent color, if carefully applied, can be changed later. Using too much or too bold of an accent color may overwhelm your bathroom.

Cabinets and Vanities

When we design a bathroom remodel, a quick fix can be to add freestanding and hovering cabinets and vanities. Since they are space-saving, they are often preferred for smaller bathrooms and can make the space seem larger. With their rise in popularity, there is a wider range of styles available, and some of the new stand-alone vanities have excellent storage capacities.

High Quality Faucets

Another quick fix is to update your faucets. Faucets come in an amazing variety of finishes including stainless, chrome, and bronze. Although faucets may seem a small detail, they can add a design accent that will update your look. Touch-less faucets continue to be popular in any bathroom remodel, since they are convenient for young and old alike and are eco-friendly. Since they conserve water, our customers say they notice savings in their water bills.

Light Fixtures and Mirrors

Improving your lighting can brighten your bathroom right away. The important thing to remember is to choose quality fixtures that will add a design focus while still harmonizing with other elements in your space. Above all, lighting has to be functional, so make sure the areas around your mirror are well lit. And if you want to make a temporary change on the way to your major bathroom remodel, we are seeing a wide variety of mirrors being used as accent pieces in bathroom décor, so come in and look at what we have to offer. At Craftsmen, we are happy to help you plan your bathroom remodel in Cincinnati or Dayton. To see all that we offer, you can visit us online at Craftsmen Home Improvement Inc. Or, for your free in-home consultation to remodel your bathroom in Cincinnati or Dayton, call us at 513-942-6300513-942-6300.

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